We subscribe to the idea of sustainability. We set an example for others and take steps towards digitization, long-term partnership and sustainable development.

We want the concept of take-back and recycling to bring clear value to the whole society, not just obligations and restrictions. We strive to create a sustainable future for Europe and the world.

Petr Číhal, sales director

The principles we stand behind


Respect for nature

We minimize the impact on the planet through our work

Commitment to goals

We exceed the legally required take-back rate

Less press

We follow our internal rule and educate partners

More digitization

We are converting all communications and documents into digital form


Social Responsibility

Through our efforts, we increase the positive impact on society

Young generation

We provide educational campaigns aimed especially at the young generation

Support of municipalities

We help municipalities with the education of residents

Development through cooperation

We are a member of the European association EucoLight, we cooperate with European collective systems and support local organizations


Management and Administration

We are a responsible company for employees, participants and government

Responsible employer

We ensure working conditions for efficient work, also according to the needs of employees

Sustainable company certificate

Each of our manufacturers receives a Sustainable Company Certificate for use in business relations and communication

Community-wide development

Cooperation with the state administration is a high priority for us

How to effectively use natural
resources together with EKOLAMP?

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Input of raw materials

Utilization of natural capital. Today, respect
for nature and its resources is a priority for us.


Product Production

Design and manufacture of products,
ideally with a long shelf life and from
recycled materials.

Ekolamp's entry into the chain

We take care instead of you and together
we help the planet


Take-back of electrical equipment

We help manufacturers and importers
of electrical equipment with the recycling
of end-of-life products.


Recycled raw materials

We turn waste back into raw materials.
We contribute to the protection
of the environment and human health.

Why take care of old electrical equipment?

E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste categories. By properly managing e-waste,
we support the efficient use of valuable resources as well as the protection of human
health and nature. In this way, we contribute to ensuring a sustainable future.


Discarded devices may contain harmful substances. Burning or melting materials causes air pollution that can travel thousands of kilometres away. This causes numerous risks to both humans and animals.


If e-waste is not properly disposed of, heavy metals can leach into the soil and remain there for a long time. Crops grown on site or nearby are subsequently contaminated.


Heavy metals from e-waste seep through soil into groundwater. In this way, they continue to reach ponds, lakes and rivers, that is, far away from the place where e-waste was improperly managed.


Components in e-waste such as mercury, lead or lithium have negative health effects. We protect human health by ensuring the take-back, collection and safe processing of end-of-life electrical equipment.