We help producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment with the recycling of end-of-life products. By providing responsible setting of take-back, collection and processing system we contribute to the protection of the environment and human health.

EKOLAMP follows these principles:


Sustainability and efficiency

We create an efficient and long-term sustainable scheme of take-back and recycling. Our efforts are guided with essential values like clean environment and human health. We are increasing a level of digitalisation of processes and communication.


Partnership and reliability

We provide all our partners with the same level of care. We are transparent and reliable. Whether you are large or small producers and distributors, or municipalities and cities, you can rely on us.


Legality and credibility

We carry out all activities in accordance with the applicable legislation and return all funds into the take-back scheme and the necessary education. We protect your confidential information.

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Number of collection points
Years on the market
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Total tons collected


Compliance scheme for take-back of electrical equipmnt

EKOLAMP is a non-profit compliance scheme which ensures joint fulfillment of legal obligations in the field of collection and recycling of end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment to all participants of the compliance scheme, i.e. producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment.

Producers and importers

You introduce new electrical and electronic equipment on the market

Producers and importers of these products are obliged to ensure the take-back of appliances from the end-of-life products law, but they do not have to fulfill this duty themselves. The EKOLAMP compliance scheme provides them with help with the majority of the duties.

Municipalities and collection points

Do you collect or would you like to collect end-of-life electrical or electronic equipment

By law, the take-back of electrical and electronic equipment is FREE for all citizens and institutions, and the collection network should be easily accessible to everyone. That is the reason why EKOLAMP is building a sufficiently dense network of collection points in cooperation with municipalities, waste companies, sellers and other entities.



You want to hand in old electrical equipment for recycling

Thanks to recycling, more than 90 percent of materials can be reused. In addition, some devices contain substances that are harmful to the environment. These are two good reasons to find the nearest collection point.

Map of collection points