Legal Obligations

The End-of-Life Products Act imposes a number of take-back obligations on producers and importers of EEE.

These are, in particular, the following obligations:

  • Enrollment in the List of EEE producers maintained by the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
  • Obligations associated with placing EEE on the market:
    • produce products in such a way as to facilitate their disassembly and use
    • to prevent the content of heavy metals, polybrominated biphenyls and diphenyl ethers in products
    • ensure product labelling
  • Ensuring and financing the take-back, collection and processing of end-of-life EEE
  • Provision of established quotas for the use of e-waste
  • Information obligations
  • Annual processing of the annual report on the fulfillment of obligations for the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic

The producer has two options to fulfill these obligations:

  • individually
  • collectively - by transferring the stated obligations to another legal entity (compliance scheme)

Participation in the compliance scheme represents the most economical and ecological way to fulfill the obligations.

The EKOLAMP compliance scheme will ensure all obligations for its participants (except for the obligations associated with placing EEE on the market).

Obligation to display a visible recycling fee  (from 1/1/2021)

This obligation means that the buyer (i.e. distributor, final seller, consumer) must be informed of the amount of the recycling fee that the producer pays to the compliance scheme. This information must be separate from the price of the product, preferably shown on the receipt (for example like VAT is shown). The amount of the recycling fee is no longer hidden in the price of the product as it was until 31/12/2020. The amount of the stated recycling fee must be the same (invariable) throughout the supply-customer chain, i.e. neither the distributor nor the last seller can arbitrarily increase this fee.

On the documents, it is necessary to indicate the term recycling fee, which is the only correct term. This is really a recycling fee of individual participants, not a tax or another type of payment.

More information to be found in methodological instructions of the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic for the separate presentation of costs