Legal Obligations

The  Act on Waste lays downa number of obligations applying to the take-back ensuring on producers and importers of of electrical and electronic equipment. These are especially the following obligations:

  • Registration into the List of Producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment maintained by the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
  • Obligations connected with putting electrical and electronic equipment on the market:
    • produce products so that their dismantling and use is made easier (so called eco design)
    • prevent the content of heavy metals, polybrominated biphenyls and diphenyl ethers in products
    • ensure the labelling of products
  • Safeguarding and financing the collection, transport and processing of used electrical and electronic equipment
  • Safeguarding the fixed quotas of the utilisation of electrical and electronic equipment
  • Information obligation
  • Every year the drawing up an annual report on the fulfilment of obligations for the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic

The producer has two possibilities of how to fulfil these obligations:

  • separately
  • transfer the above mentioned obligations to a different legal entity (compliance scheme)

Participation in the compliance scheme represents the most economical and environmental way of fulfilling the obligations.

The EKOLAMP compliance scheme ensures all obligations for its participants (besides obligations connected with the introduction of lighting equipment to the market).