Producers and Importers

The  Act on Waste uses only the term of “Producer” which includes both the producer and the importer of lighting equipment, who is the first to sell these products in the Czech Republic.

Definition of Producer under the Waste Act:

The producer is a natural person or legal entity authorised to engage in business, which, regardless of the manner of sale, (including the long-distance means of communication):

  1. produces and sells electric and electronic equipment under its own brand, or
  2. sells under its own brand electric and electronic equipment produced by other suppliers, provided that the brand mark of the persons under point 1 does not appear of the equipment, or
  3. as part of its business activity, imports electric and electronic equipment into the Czech Republic or introduces this electric or electronic equipment to the market in the Czech Republic.

Participants of the EKOLAMP compliance scheme

Producers and importers of lighting equipment become participants of the EKOLAMP compliance scheme with the signature of the Contract on Participation in the Collective System.

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