Recycling fee

The collection, transport and processing system is financed by means of the so-called recycling fees.

The recycling fee is a financial sum by which the electrical and electronic equipment producers and importers contribute to the collection, transport and processing of non-functional electro equipment. The amount of the recycling fee corresponds to the current financial and technological demands of the individual groups of electro equipment collection and recycling process in the Czech Republic. The participants contribute to the compliance scheme depending on the number of pieces of electro equipment they place on the market.

The amount of the recycling fee (valid as of 1 January 2019):

Lamp: CZK 2.50 pc + VAT

Large equipment: CZK 7.50 pc + VAT

Small equipment: CZK 4.00 pc + VAT

(The amount of the recycling fee to 31 December 2018: Lamps - CZK 2.50 pc + VAT, Luminaires - CZK 8.40 pc + VAT)


Everyone (both the participant and the third person) is entitled to a refund of the recycling fee under the condition that he has withdrawn electro equipment from the market in the Czech Republic. Withdrawal from the market means the export of electro equipment to a country outside the Czech Republic. In such a case they can ask EKOLAMP for a compensation of the paid fee.

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