What to Collect

EKOLAMP will take care of the following electro equipment is included in the take-back obligation:

  • Lamps – linear fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps
    (= energy-saving bulbs), gas discharge lamps, LED lamps, incandescent and halogen bulbs.
  • Household appliances, consumer electronics, luminaries, equipment reproducing sound and images, electric and electronic instruments, toys, free time and sport equipment

EKOLAMP do not collect: screens, monitors, televisions, telephones, tablets, refrigerators, air-conditioning etc.

Households and institutions can pass on the abovementioned equipment for recycling at take-back points.

Incandescent, reflector and halogen bulbs are not part of the take-back scope. This can be thrown into municipal waste. They do not contain dangerous substances as they do not pose an environmental risk and are excluded by legislation from take-back obligation.

Electro equipment is subject to take-back and any other handling, such as reconditioning or dismantling and partial sale of parts to raw material collection points contrary to the Act on End-of-life products.