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We cannot imagine our life without electricity and various electric gadgets. There we find a variety of them in every household from lamps through small equipment to a washing machine or electric oven. However, their constantly more frequent use brings a serious problem – what to do with them when they stop working?

More than 90% of materials can be re-used thanks to recycling. What more motivation is needed to bring used electro equipment (from luminaries to electric toys) to the right place - the collection point. They will not be provided any recycling in a waste bin of course.

Some electro equipment contain environmentally harmful substances - e.g. mercury in fluorescent lamps. It will be easily recognised which products do not belong into municipal waste by the symbol of a crossed waste bin on their packaging.

EKOLAMP has been number one in care about “all what does not shine any more” since 2005. We have also been looking after ecological recycling of other EEE since January 2019. The service of WEEE compliance scheme is for consumers free of charge.