Ekolamp - Annual report

Annual Report 2015

Introduction by the executives

Dear readers,

Last year 2015 was a significant milestone in the Company´s activities on the domestic market: 10 years had passed since its founding. Over this period our main objective and vision were more than fulfilled, thus ensuring long-term sustainable collection and ecological recycling of lamps and luminaires.

Let a little recapitulation. In the ten years since its founding, we have managed to build over 4 000 of collection points and ecologically dispose of more than 10 500 tons of lighting equipment. Environment has been spared the burden of tens of millions of lamps and industrial lighting that would otherwise have ended up in landfills. Thus we managed to utilize thousand tons of glass, plastic and metals and remove 245 kg of toxic mercury, which could endanger the environment. Just imagine, this amount of mercury could theoretically contaminate wild water in volume of seven water reservoirs Orlik.

During his tenure, EKOLAMP successfully copes with a series of regulatory and legislative changes. Other challenges, however, still come and therefore the top management strengthened a new statutory representative Tomáš Rychetský. His task is particularly strategic direction of the company in the context of new legislation and technological changes in the market of lighting devices.

The key challenges facing collective systems throughout the European Union. Last year EKOLAMP became a member of the pan-European association EucoLight. At the European level this association is committed to improving the regulatory framework, the development of international standards, and especially on equal conditions for all participants.

We believe that in the coming years our company can successfully respond to the planned changes in legislation and we will keep providing high-quality services to producers of lighting equipment.

In Prague on 15 April 2016

Ing. Tomáš Rychetský,                       Ing. Oliver Čelko,
Statutory Representative                  Statutory Representative