Ekolamp - Annual report

Annual Report 2015

Expected development of the Company

At present, the company is very stable and in the long term we are ready to satisfy the needs of our clients in the field of collection and recycling of lighting equipment; which is, in part, also thanks to our reserve fund created in previous years. The company intends to optimize the collection network and focus on key partners, with whom it has a long-term positive experience. We will focus mainly on the quality of our services in full compliance with the legislation and, in particular, on satisfying the expectations of our clients.

There is still in talks amendment to the Waste Act, respectively a new legislation regulating products with limited lifetime, which should make different functioning of collective systems. The formation of this Act tooks a considerable delay and the expected effective date is January 2018. Therefore, neither in 2016 we expect no major legislative changes that would affect the company´s operations.