Ekolamp - Annual report

Annual Report 2015

Education and promotion

Environmental education and awareness is one of the key goals of the collective scheme. The invested funds are efficiently used in target households, companies, government and all contractual partners. The emphasis has been placed on questions why and how to collect and in a broader context on personal responsibility in the management of the environment. In particular, we inform the professionals about methods of take back, its advantages and legal obligations arising from the Act on Waste.

Communication with professionals

Marketing communication with professionals was based on the analysis of the needs of this particular target group. The Company regularly carries out surveys of satisfaction of their partners and continuously adapts and supplements its communication tools and resources to support sales on the basis of their results. EKOLAMP regularly informs its clients and other interested persons through an electronic Newsletter; in 2015 it had four issues.

Communication with households

Czech households and consumers are the key target groups of education. Many people know that fluorescent lights contain quicksilver and should not be placed in communal waste. However, many of them do not know how to dispose of them properly. Our education does not provide only this kind of basic information, but also appeals to individuals and their responsibility for the quality of the environment. In addition to the adult population, EKOLAMP targets its programs on children and young people who have a great potential to absorb and apply new information. They are great teachers of their parents and they will also transfer the ecological principles to their own future families.

Marketing communication uses various means of communication needed to reach the target groups. In addition to public relations, we continued especially in projects which were successful in the previous years.

Public relations

EKOLAMP regularly informs the general public through press releases and media about the importance and possibilities of take back, about mercury content in lamps and about other essential facts relating to the taking back of lighting equipment. Articles are published in a number of print and online media with professional and general orientation.

Promoting local awareness-raising events

In 2015 EKOLAMP more focused on promoting eco-educational events organized by municipalities and various environmental associations. The events are intended for both children and adult public. For some of them EKOLAMP ensured direct participation of regional representative, other events supported by thousands of informational materials and promotional items.

Information through local media

As part of its incentive program EKOLAMP supports contractual collection points in informing citizens and customers through local or corporate media – magazines, City Hall newspapers, websides. For this purpose there are available on the web banners and informational articles that are easily applicable to each medium. It is effective way to convey to consumers and end-users about the collecting and recycling.


Ekolampov is a multimedia game and information portal designed for children and adults. The aim of this project is education in the area of ecological behaviour of individuals and subsequent influence on the whole society. A virtual game explains and teaches the users basic ecologic patterns in an entertaining form. The game is complemented by an informative part which consists of interesting stories from authorized resources.


Recyklohraní is a school recycling program under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. This project aims to increase the knowledge of pupils in the area of collecting and recycling of waste and to enable the personal experience of collective scheme. As at the end of the year 2015 there were registered more than 3,360 schools in this project. EKOLAMP supported ecological education of children and the youth through this project also in the year 2015.

New media

All key projects implemented by EKOLAMP are presented on the Internet. In addition to classic website we use today, of course, social networking.

Web presentation of EKOLAMP is intended for all target groups that are in any way involved in the collecting of lighting equipment. The website is regularly updated that every visitor receives always the most accurate information.