Ekolamp - Annual report

Annual Report 2015

Collection network

In 2015 the optimizing of collection network designed for the operation of both non-public and public collection points was started. EKOLAMP focused mainly on coverage of municipalities and city districts with more than 2 000 inhabitants, as it directs an amendment to the Waste Act effective from October 2014. The priority is not the boundless growth of the network of collection points, but the optimal deployment of existing across the country so that the stationary points return were easily accessible. EKOLAMP further provides mobile collection of used lighting equipment from municipalities which have no collection points.  In 2015, a total of 2,950 municipalities were serviced with total number of 2,340,000 inhabitants.

EKOLAMP services now cover more than 87% of the inhabitants of the Czech Republic. The wide public can look up the map of collection places on http://www.ekolamp.cz/cz/mapa-sbernych-mist.

EKOLAMP equips collection points with special vessels for the collection of lighting equipment. They are various types of metal containers and cardboard boxes. In 2015, a total of 400 containers for linear fluorescent lamps, 200 containers for compact fluorescent lamps and discharge tubes and 64 small collection vessels were installed. As of the end of the year 2015, the collection network consisted of 5,832 vessels for the collection of lighting equipment, 96 cage containers for the collection of industrial lights and a large amount of cardboard boxes for the collection of smaller-size electronic devices.

Communication between EKOLAMP and the collection points is made via an information system that makes it possible to order transport and to dispatch the lighting equipment from collection points to recyclers. The information system is continuously being developed, based on the needs of its users. EKOLAMP makes sure that all transport is carried out on time and cost-efficiently, the latter of which is achieved by combining transport routes in the most efficient way.