Ekolamp - Annual report

Annual Report 2014

Our vision

On fair, open and non-discriminatory basis to all interested parties – manufacturers, end-users and distributors of electric and electronic equipment – we develop and offer a common system of separate collection, take back, processing, use and disposal of electric and electronic waste.

We develop and maintain an accessible network of collection sites for return of used lighting equipment from households and the industrial sector.

A realistic perspective on the issue of take back is the key element in our approach and our business does not operate under the guise of dogmatic environmentalism. We help the participants of the system to improve their economic development and contribute to environmentally-conscious conduct of Czech households.

As open approach as possible for the new participating entities is the goal of our collective scheme.

For eight years already we have been the leader in taking care of what shines no more.

Our Company follows its business motto:

“We think environmentally”.