Ekolamp - Annual report

Annual Report 2014

Collective scheme participants

The participants in the EKOLAMP collective scheme are manufacturers and importers of lighting equipment as defined by the Act on Waste no. 185/2001 Sb., who engage in the system on the basis of Agreements on Participation. As of end 2014, there were in total 410 participation agreements registered. For eight years already, the operator of the collective scheme, EKOLAMP s.r.o., has met the WEEE responsibilities arising from the Act on Waste on behalf of its participants.

In 2014, system participants placed 7,818 tons of new lighting equipment on the market, which represents roughly 14.3 million units. Of this figure, lamps totalled 87% of all lighting devices. However, in term of weight, luminaires represented the more significant part, making up 83% of the total weight placed on the market.

EKOLAMP fulfils the requirements for hundreds of different manufacturers and importers, which allow them to utilise the EKOLAMP extensive collection network effectively with minimum costs. The law makes no distinction between small and big manufacturers and, therefore, EKOLAMP approaches all of them on the same, non-discriminatory basis. The scope and quality of the service provided to an importer who places on the market dozens of lighting equipment are the same as those provided to a partner who contributes millions of Czech crowns to the scheme.