Ekolamp - Annual report

Annual Report 2014


A non-profit organisation, EKOLAMP s.r.o. (further “EKOLAMP” or “Company”) was founded on May 30, 2005 by the following lighting equipment manufacturers:

GE Industrial s.r.o.
OSRAM spol. s r.o.
Philips Česká republika s.r.o.
NARVA B.E.L./ČR s.r.o.

Based on the decision of the Ministry of the Environment of December 13, 2005, EKOLAMP s.r.o. was registered under KH002/05-ECZ on the List of Electrical Equipment Manufacturers as an operator of a collective scheme for Electrical Equipment Group 5 – lighting equipment. The lighting equipment group includes light sources (namely fluorescent lamps and discharge lamps) and luminaires.

The inspiration to establish a collective scheme came from abroad where collective schemes have been operated on a similar basis as in the Czech Republic for many years. The Czech EKOLAMP thus operates, thanks to the international background of its founders, in a network of collective schemes where the valuable experience and useful advice for further development is shared. It is this sharing that contributes to the development of the Company and to the improvement of the service provided.

The Company has the following partners as at December 31, 2014:

GE Hungary Kft.
OSRAM Česká republika s.r.o.
Philips Česká republika s.r.o.
Philips Lighting Holding B.V.

On April 3, 2014 the freed business share of 10 % of NARVA B.E.L./ČR s.r.o. was deleted from the Commercial Register. This partner was deleted from the Commercial Register on October 1, 2013. The freed business share was divided into three parts for three partners. For more please detail see Notes to the Financial Statements.