Why be a participant

Cooperation with the EKOLAMP compliance scheme brings producers and importers a number of benefits:

  • EKOLAMP assumes many obligations on behalf of the producer and importer of lighting equipment and thereby enables them, at minimum expense, to devote their time to their main activities – the only obligation of the participants is to basically complete a report once a month on the number of products put on the market
  • EKOLAMP creates a take-back system for its partners so it can take care of fulfilling the long-term obligations of the producers and importers – by paying a recycling fee the producer or importer transfer its obligations to EKOLAMP, which guarantees their fulfilment even for many years
  • EKOLAMP handles the extensive administration for its participants connected with marketing, collection and recycling of lighting equipment, especially in relation to the Ministry of the Environment
  • EKOLAMP operates the compliance scheme in accordance with several fundamental principles – non-discrimination, openness, legality, credibility, transparency
  • EKOLAMP provides a 100% guarantee that the recycling fees are applied effectively solely in accordance with the company’s fundamental principles
  • Participants integrated in EKOLAMP may, by their active actions, influence the operation in the company, the collective system is open to suggestions and responds to them
  • EKOLAMP can, as part of its specialisation in the electrical and electronic equipment category no. 5, offer the best service and the most extensive collection network at collection yards and at many thousands of contractual partners (electrical stores, supermarkets, authorities, office buildings, etc.)
  • EKOLAMP offers financial motivation in the event of interest in further cooperation (based on a contract on the establishment of a collection point)
  • EKOLAMP cooperates in the collection and recycling of lighting equipment only with proven partners who are able to meet the high legal standards and internal requirements of the collective system
  • EKOLAMP operates a modern and developed information system enabling all partners to reduce administrative and time costs; the constant improvement of the information system guarantees better and easier access of constantly more detailed data important for the management’s decision-making
  • EKOLAMP employs people with a warm and open approach which ensures the speedy settlement of the contractual partners’ requirements
  • EKOLAMP helps create the level playing field for all – searches out subjects not fulfilling their obligations (free riders) and attempts either to integrate them into the collective system or report their illegal actions to the relevant institutions; if some subjects do not fulfil their obligations, everyone else suffers who must spend more funds and exert more efforts as a result
  • EKOLAMP supports enlightenment, promotion and education resulting in increased awareness about take-back and the possibilities of legal disposal of used lighting equipment
  • EKOLAMP is here for both big companies and small businesses (the principle of non-discrimination, equal approach to all)
  • EKOLAMP has been operating in the Czech Republic since 2005
  • EKOLAMP is certified under the ISO 9001 and 27001 standards
  • EKOLAMP follows the motto: “We think eco-logically!”