Transport and Recycling

EKOLAMP ensures the take-back of more than 4000 stationary collection points and covers almost 3,000 municipalities with mobile collection. Lamps or industrial luminaires are gathered together at the collection points in metal containers or cardboard boxes which, once filled, are transported to so-called consolidation points and from there to recycling at specialised processing companies.

Recycling – Lamps:

Lamps are recycled on a processing line which meets all the required standards. The lamps pass through a system of crushers and grinders, from where the material is transported to the section of nets and separators and from where individual sorted material components are discharged.

Mercury contaminated solid waste (mixture of luminescent material and undersize share of glass, base end glass, gas discharge tubes heaters, contaminated glass, contaminated corundum or sand) is disposed of thermally in an electric rotary furnace. Mercury and other volatile harmful substances are transformed into gaseous form and removed from the waste. The present organic substances are broken down by oxidation under a high temperature in an end-burning chamber. The remains of mercury are caught on adsorbers filled with specially treated active carbon. Metal mercury results from the off-gases of the thermal process after cooling.

Materials resulting from recycling for further use: ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, metal mercury, glass.

Recycling companies manage to utilise more than 95% of the average amount of lamp material. (The legal quote is 80%).

Ekolamp contractual partner: Recyklace Ekovuk a.s. Příbram

Recycling – Industrial Luminaires:

The reason for recycling industrial luminaires is the content of secondary raw materials. Industrial luminaires are processed separately and, depending on the type, are recycled on semi-automatic recycling lines or are dismantled manually. Usable materials are subsequently additionally sorted and cleaned according to the requirements of end customers. Waste materials are passed on to the persons responsible for disposal.

Materials acquired from recycling for further use: ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, glass, plastics

Luminaires contain on average 44% of metals, 2% of glass, 37% of plastics which can be utilised. Recycling companies manage to utilise 83% industrial luminaire material. (The legal quota is 70%.)

Ekolamp Contractual Partners:

  • Recyklace Ekovuk a.s. Příbram
  • MHM EKO s.r.o. Zábřeh
  • Ekopart s.r.o. Vamberk
  • RAVO Trade v.o.s. Dobelice
  • Steelmet s.r.o. Staré Město (as of 2014)