The activities of the compliance scheme and take-back process are conducted in accordance with the following legislation:

The Act regulates rights and obligations of persons in waste management, stipulates rules for the prevention of waste, adherence to environmental protection, human health protection and constant sustainable development.

The implementing legislation (decrees) to the  Act on Waste stipulates details applying to the take-back of electrical and electronic equipment and ways of disposing of electrical and electronic equipment and waste electrical and electronic equipment.

superseded as of 4 July 2012 by

The Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment – in first place is the prevention of rising of waste electrical and electronic equipment, its re-use, recycling and further forms of utilisation in order to reduce the amount of waste intended for removal. The directive strives to improve the European Union’s environmental protection and raw material self-sufficiency.

Our Projects

Ekolampov (Ekolampville)
Ekolampov is a virtual city. Its dwellers share one simple thing. This is responsibility for nature. The Ekolampov people are not environmental extremists; they just believe that it is right to live in harmony with nature. And not just that. It is easy, cheap and modern.
Light Collectors
Collecting is a noble path through boundless worlds, a special deed brings suspension in time, admiration, emotions, recognition and hate, especially when someone is a cumyxaphist (match box collector) or collector of historic lamps.
Zářivkovi (Tubeguys)
On this page you can make your own free and quick fun video. Choose one of our films and then very simply replace the actors with yourself, your mates or members of your family. You can then email your finished film or share it on Facebook!