About Us

The basic mission of the non-profit company, EKOLAMP s.r.o., is to provide on a fair, open and non-discriminatory basis to all participants of the compliance scheme, i.e. producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment, with the possibility of joint fulfilment of legal obligations applying to collection and recycling of used lighting equipment as arising from the legislation of the European Union and the Czech Republic.


The EKOLAMP compliance scheme was established on 30 May 2005 with the following objectives:

  • create conditions for fulfilment of the legal obligations of lighting equipment producers and importers
  • ensure the environmental friendly disposal of used lighting equipment

Founding companies:

On 13 December 2005 by a decision of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic EKOLAMP was registered in the List of Producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment as an operator of the compliance scheme for electrical and electronic equipment category no. 5 – lighting equipment (Registration Number KH002/05-ECZ).

Compliance scheme

The collective system associates the producers (and importers) of lighting equipment for whom it fulfils their obligations applying to the take-back of lamps and luminaires as laid down by the  Act on Waste. It is for this purpose that EKOLAMP is building a broad network of collection points throughout the Czech Republic and providing free lighting equipment collection and recycling services for businesses and institutions  as well as for ordinary citizens.

EKOLAMP, its bodies and further persons contributing to the administration of EKOLAMP and operation of the compliance scheme are governed by the following principles:

  • legality, transparency, non-discrimination, credibility;
  • human health and environmental protection; efficiency, sustainability, non-profit making;
  • confidential information protection, protection of competition.

Service Quality Management

Annually EKOLAMP undergoes a statutory audit in accordance with Czech legislation and an internal audit at the recommendation of the Supervisory Board and conducted by an independent renowned company. Furthermore the company is certified and audited in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and ČSN ISO/EC 27001:2014 standards.

Our Projects

Ekolampov (Ekolampville)
Ekolampov is a virtual city. Its dwellers share one simple thing. This is responsibility for nature. The Ekolampov people are not environmental extremists; they just believe that it is right to live in harmony with nature. And not just that. It is easy, cheap and modern.
Light Collectors
Collecting is a noble path through boundless worlds, a special deed brings suspension in time, admiration, emotions, recognition and hate, especially when someone is a cumyxaphist (match box collector) or collector of historic lamps.
Zářivkovi (Tubeguys)
On this page you can make your own free and quick fun video. Choose one of our films and then very simply replace the actors with yourself, your mates or members of your family. You can then email your finished film or share it on Facebook!